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My progress report....
 - en route to the 2005 Canadian Bodybuilding Championships


Decmeber 7, 2004
WOW! it's December already!
Great News! I'll be adding a 'Members' section to my site in the next few days. Be sure to check back soon :)
My off-season training is going better than I had imagined. My strength is 'off the charts' these days. I'm hoping to use my strength to make incredible gains this winter which means, improving my weak points and adding some overall mass.
Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
Merry Christmas
October 11, 2004
Another month has almost passed me by..... As you can see I have been busy revamping my site. ...I thought that it was time for a change.
Congratulations to my dear friends Jen Kersten and Aaron Jewell....the happy couple were married on October 2....I wish them all the best!
I would like to wish all of my fellow Canadians a Happy Thanksgiving!
With that said, now it's back to post contest rebound has been great.... I'm right back in to my off-season groove which entails lots of food and heavy training. I couldn't be happier. I plan to improve some of my weak points and return to the Canadians in 2005 where I plan to 'kick some ass'!
I'll be sure to keep posting progress reports as always :)


September 3, 2004
WOW! Where to begin.....
I'd like to start by thanking those of you who contributed toward my pre-contest prep...I couldn't have done it without you!
Well, my trip to the Canadian Nationals was one hell of an experience! I had a great time!
I received second place in the middleweight class....
Prior to the weigh-in, I was a little nervous about making weight but, in the end...I came in at 121lbs. I was very pleased with my conditioning this was certainly the best I have ever looked!
And now, I am more motivated than ever to go back and 'storm' the stage at the Canadians in 2005 which will be hosted in Montreal.
Stay tuned for my progress report 'en route' to the 2005 Canadian Nationals.

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