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Nadia Nardi........Feminine Muscle
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While competing in athletic endeavors such as soccer, swimming and cross country mountain biking, I have been an avid fan of bodybuilding since I was young.
My first glimpse into my future as a bodybuilding competitor came at the age of ten, when I witnessed my uncle bench press 500lbs.
Behind the closed doors of Gold's Gym in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan lurked a world of which I was in awe. As a mere spectator of the sport at that time, I admired both the men and women equally. The women possessed shapely, symmetrical and strong, yet still feminine bodies.
Years later, while competing in cross country mountain biking, I had never forgotten the images of those strong, sexy women in the gym.
Fast forward to 2001, and I found myself spending more time in the gym and less time on my bike. My competitive spirit was still thriving, so I decided to focus my energy on competitive bodybuilding. I spent my first year learning about the sport of bodybuilding - perfecting my training technique, dieting, posing and cardio. I spent my second year fine tuning what I had learned the previous year.
The competition season was quickly approaching, so I decided to enter a novice level bodybuilding contest. I spent the next five months preparing for the show. I was literally eating, sleeping, and breathing bodybuilding.
The competition day finally arrived, and unbeknownst to me at the time, I would later take first place in the middleweight class. I was now qualified to compete at the Provincial Championships held one month later where I again was victorious. This qualified me for the National Championships. Knowing the calibre of the competitors at the national level, I spent the next year training like a demon.
My first attempt at the Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships was in my hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The quality of the competitors was absolutely amazing! Although I received positive feedback from photographers and fellow competitors, I was disappointed with my placing but more motivated than ever.


Onward to 2004, the competition was held in Edmonton, Alberta. The quality of competitors was yet again, absolutely incredible. My pre-contest prep went very smoothly this past year. I was awarded second place in my weight class at the Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships.

Be sure to check the 'what's new' section for updates on my preparation for the 2005 Canadian bodybuilding Championships.